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Study Shows Specific Protein May Help Predict Mesothelioma Treatment Efficacy and Patient Survival Rates

A group of scientists from Austria, Hungary, and Croatia have published an article in the British Journal of Cancer that details the predictive value of a protein called fibrinogen.  Fibrinogen, a soluble glycoprotein biomarker that aids in blood clotting, and that can be found in blood plasma, is valuable because it helps predict patient survival […]

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Naturally Occurring Asbestos Can Still Pose A Health Risk

While most of the harm commonly associated with asbestos exposure is related to old buildings with dated and deteriorating pipes and insulation, in some places asbestos still poses a threat in its natural form. White Asbestos Deposits in Swift Creek, Washington In Swift Creek, a type of asbestos called chrysotile is found in the water […]

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Attorney General Requests Court Order to Block Salvage Operation, Cites Asbestos Fears

In a request for a court order to block the salvage operation of Merrimac Paper Co., Attorney General Martha Coakley alleges that the owner removed machinery, equipment, and metals from the complex since 2010, releasing dangerous airborne asbestos in the process.  The owner, David Padellaro, purchased the complex and its accompanying city liens for $1 at […]

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School in Illinois Reopens After Cleaning Up Asbestos

According to an ABC News report, a middle school in Illinois sufficiently cleared away its mold and asbestos and resumed classes after being closed for more than two weeks.  Hinsdale Middle School initially closed on January 6 when workers treating water damage disassembled risers in the music room and discovered broken tiles containing asbestos.  School board president […]

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New Study Finds Mesothelioma Survival Rates More Than Doubled with Pre-Surgery Radiation

The results of a clinical research program indicate that mesothelioma patients who are treated with radiation before surgery experience a three-year survival rate that more than doubles that of other participants in the same study.  The findings were published in the Journal of Thoracic Oncology and suggest that administering treatment in that sequence will yield a better […]

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