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Georgia-Pacific Funded Asbestos Research Raises Objectivity Doubts

Georgia-Pacific Corp, a manufacturer of building materials, is one of the main corporations that faces occupational asbestos exposure claims. In 2005, Georgia Pacific began to receive high profile lawsuits that amounted to almost $1 billion in liability damages as a result of three of their discontinued products. To date, Georgia-Pacific has been named in over […]

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Texas Supreme Court Decision Sets High Bar for Asbestos Claimants

The Supreme Court of Texas recently handed down a decision that is a major blow to asbestos exposure litigants. In its recent decision in the case Bostic v. Georgia-Pacific, a new and higher standard of causation was presented for determining whether a defendant can be found liable in asbestos exposure litigation claims. This new holding […]

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New Treatment Available for Pleural Mesothelioma

Pleural mesothelioma is a particularly tragic form of mesothelioma. Typically attributed to asbestos exposure, pleural mesothelioma is a fatal disease with an average life expectancy of 18 months from the time of diagnosis. Luckily, a new treatment for pleural mesothelioma has emerged that may provide some relief for patients. When suffering from pleural mesothelioma, there […]

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WHO European Conference Region Asbestos

The World Health Organization (“WHO”) European Conference Region encompasses some of the most prosperous countries in both western and northern Europe. Sadly, this region has been rocked by asbestos-related illnesses. In fact, within the European Region asbestos is considered one of the most serious environmental health hazards that faces Europeans. Across the region around half […]

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UPenn Awarded $10 Million Grant To Conduct Asbestos Research

The University of Pennsylvania’s (“UPenn”) Perelman School of Medicine’s Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology (“CEET”) has been awarded a $10 million grant to study the various ways in which asbestos exposure results in mesothelioma and other asbestos exposure-related illnesses. This grant, which was awarded by the National Institute for Environmental Health Services (“NIEHS”), will […]

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